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My Plot Summary For Rogue One:

Warning: Although these are not spoilers if you don't like
knowing about the film you are going to watch please do not read this!
If you dont know what I am talking about here please watch the trailers

I think that the film will start with Jyn Erso killing lots of stormtroopers.
Eventully she will get arrsested and put in jail where she has a flash back.
The rebels brake her out of jail and take her to the Rebel Base.
She is explained to and she agrees to help them.
She gets Saw Garrera and assembles a team. She goes to the crystal mine and gets some crystls that the imperials are getting.
Somehow she finds her father and he gives her the plans. To transmit the plans the need to go to the
beach planet where a war is happening. They end the plans and go back to base.
They might all die because we don't see them in any films that come after.