By Colin Meloy
Illustrated by Carson Ellis
Ever since Prue McKeel returned home from the depths of the Impassable Wilderness, or I. W. for short, life has been pretty dull.
She has been constantly thinking of the vast forest where her friend Curtis remains as a bandit in training. But not all is well in that world. A thick, cold winter has spread over the wood after the Bicycle Coup. Dark groups with mysterious intentions fight for power over the wood. And in Portland a titan of industry forces orphans to work in his factories.
Prue returns to the wood and discovers a new challenge.
A challenge that will force her to venture Under Wildwood!
Under Wildwood is like the first book in the way that Prue is once again bringing peace to Wildwood, yet it introduces so many new characters, rules, groups, challenges and a new plot, it feels like a completely new story. Under Wildwood is the second book in the Wildwood chronicles and a few of the many new characters include: The Underwood Moles, Darla Thenis a dangerous assassin, Bradley Wigman the boss of all the titans of industry and Elsie and Rachel, Curtis sisters.
4 Stars

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