Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear
By Andy Stanton Illustrated by David Tazzyman
Review by Darcy Lawrey
“A Blue Whale came running out of the ocean just to have a look and a piglet sent a note to say he was sorry but he could not come because he was busy being eaten by a python”. This is the kind of sentence you can expect on every page of the Mr Gum books and Mr Gum and the dancing bear is not a bit different. I’ve read this one 6 times and it never stops being funny. The message on the back of the book could not be clearer: “It’s a rolicker! It’s a frolicker! It’s a Fun-time, Sun-time Yolicker! So what are you waiting for!? Get Reading!”
In this hilarious Mr Gum book the story begins with a bear, and not just any kind of bear but a Great Big Gorgeous Bear with chocolate coloured fur and precious hazel eyes. One day this perfect bear who is as tall as 40 hamsters (if you could stick them all together to prove it) and weighs as much as roughly nineteen thousand grapes appears in the Lamonic Bibber town square. And who would be a better friend for a bear like this than Polly. So Polly befriends him and names him Padlock (which I think is a perfect name). But of course Mr Gum and Billy William the Third want to make him dance for cash! So the Chase for Padlock begins!
Mr Gum and the dancing bear costs $18.00 (NZD), is published by Egmont Publishing and the whole series are available through Page and Blackmore.
★★★★ and a half
(Out of Five)

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