The Jedi Doth Return
The Jedi Doth return is a Shakespearean dialogue or script for the vastly popular Star Wars film Return of the Jedi.
The whole book is written like William Shakespeare might have written it for instance:
‘C3PO: So certain R2, for if thou didst know but half of all that I have heard about this Jabba of the Hutt -- his cruelty, how he tortures innocents and all the beasts he keeps to do his will belike thou wouldst short-circuit. R2 D2: --- Hoo’
The Jedi Doth Return is written and illustrated by Ian Doechester and is published by Quirk Books.
It costs NZD 20.99.
I love how the illustrations are of the usual Star Wars Return of the Jedi characters but they have clothes that look like they are from Shakespearean times.
The characters are all the usual characters and it has the same plot as the film.
Shakespearean scripts are known for their long characters speeches yet the Star Wars saga is full of action.
I think the way Ian Doechester has written the book is very clever because his book is still exciting even though there are also lots of long speeches by the characters.
I recommend the Jedi Doth Return to all Star Wars fans (as long as you understand words like Doth and Nay).
4 out of 5 stars